The Commitment of Love <3

Hi everyone- I hope your weeks are all rounding off nicely!

I was so caught up in Valentine's Day with my family yesterday that I forgot to blog! However, today was also a special day in my own love story! On February 15, 2010, I had my first official date with my (now) husband. We went to The Old Spaghetti Factory in Sacramento and enjoyed a meal as we sat across each other. He talked to me about his dreams and ambitions, random likes and dislikes and how he liked California (as a fairly new resident). One thing that stood out to me in that conversation was how he smiled with every word he spoke. He was charming, attractive and a true breath of fresh air. When lunch ended, we ventured outside to sit on the bed of his Silverado and watch the sunset. 

Each of us have our own love story. We have our own versions of a fairytale. Don't, i repeat don't, get caught up in the comparison game as that Truly is the thief of joy. In the highs and lows of our relationship, leading into our marriage, I have always reflected on our first date. We've weathered tremendous storms in the two years that we've been married and, consequently, evaluated our love for each other. In those moments, we go back to the people we were when we first met and the people we've helped each other become. I am a better woman in many ways as a result of his love and influence. James and I are polar opposites- real life oil and water, yet I've needed his strengths as he's needed mine. 

I am grateful for many things that he brings me- calm, comedy, creativity and a constant flow of great ideas, but I am most grateful for his commitment to our family. Ironically, as you know, it didn't begin that way. The beginning stages of our marriage were painful and heartbreaking! his commitment to us since has been something that I don't always recognize, but means everything to me. His commitment to our family, through his commitment to God heals me in the places that no one but the Lord sees. 

I am hardly qualified to give profound marriage advice, but what I have earned the stripes to offer is that relationships are work. They are truly a labor of love with peaks and valleys. In the valleys, take a moment (or two, depending on how low the valley is) and recall what brought you and your significant other together. Love goes far beyond a feeling; it is a daily choice. I have a tremendous amount of love and respect for my husband, but on those days when love just doesn't seem to cut it, the commitment I have to him and the sanctity of the vows I made on our wedding day give me hope and encouragement to keep making the choice to love!

Love brings us together, but the choice of commitment keeps us going strong!