Timeless Pieces: The LBD



Little Black Dress- The Wardrobe Staple


Happy Monday, Beauties! This weekend in the U.K. was COLLLLD! Cold enough for me to wear one of those beanies with a faux fur pom pom (thankfully, it was detachable)! My husband opened our blinds yesterday and, to my daughter's delight, it was snowing! I'm not an inclement weather type of girl, so I had to put on my "for the love of my daughter" hat and join her in the excitement. 

After we had an all out snowball war with a few 12 year old neighbor girls who tried ambushing us, ending with my husband being chased by these girls before his eventual surrender, I looked through my closet to figure out what this California girl had to match the weather. The answer: nothing! But, my motto has always been: when in doubt, a little black dress wins out!

My love for black dresses began at a time when I didn't embrace my body and thought I had to conceal the extra weight I gained post-pregnancy. Although the relationship I have with my body and all its curves has drastically improved and I have learned to love it as is, while I continue pursuing a healthy lifestyle, I wear LBDs just as regularly as I did then. The difference is I now wear each piece with a body and style confidence that I didn't have then. Instead of concealing anything, I find myself shining and smiling as I carry on with my day. 

The Little Black Dress is a timeless closet staple that can adapt to any outing. Although my ultimate choice yesterday ended up simply being personally appreciated as I couch cuddled, home dance partied and made soup for my family, I felt incredible in it.

When you invest in yourself, by way of your wardrobe, novelty and seasonal pieces are necessary, but classic pieces are where it is! I'm a big fan of high-low fashion and you may catch me on at this season's Christmas party combining a Forever 21 LBD with my favorite pair of Valentino's.  Alternatively, on a coffee date with my love, I'm likely to pair this über chic and luxurious fabric blend Splendid Dress with a peep toe ankle bootie, or these Christian Siriano for Payless pumps.

Whatever you're wearing today, my prayer for you is that you feel amazing and that you're walking in the truth that you are an inside-out beauty! xx

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