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Hi Everyone! 

My name is Monique Jackson King and I am so glad that you decided to stop by. I am a Wife, Mom, Target Obsessed, Coffee Aficionado, 30-something who believes in the power of a woman's voice! For years, I battled the lies in my head that said my voice didn't matter, the stirrings in my heart were insignificant and the glass ceiling above my head was real. However, I have decided that the passions, dreams and gifts that God has placed within me weren't meant to just sit dormant. They were meant to be nurtured and come alive! 

I am an entrepreneur and Little Black Dress designer with sixteen years of experience in the fashion industry. While I was proficient in making sure what others saw when they looked at me was primped, polished and well-accessorized, I often felt empty inside. 

This blog is all about shaking off those lies and walking in the truth! You were created for a great, big destiny that is as unique as your fingerprint. Join me in coming out of hiding, being free from shame through the owning of your own story and becoming who you've been called to be: an inside out beauty! xx


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